25 Apr 2023

Warning Signs Your IT Provider is Failing You

Managing IT infrastructure is a crucial aspect of any business today. It ensures that all systems are functioning efficiently and securely. Many businesses outsource this responsibility to IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). However, choosing an MSP that aligns with your business’s needs can be daunting. When an MSP fails to deliver the expected level of service, it can negatively impact your business operations. This article will discuss the signs indicating it is time to switch to a new IT Managed Service Provider.

Inconsistent or Poor Communication

Communication is a critical component of any business relationship. The MSP should be available to answer your questions, provide project updates, and address any concerns. If an MSP consistently fails to communicate effectively, it may be time to seek a new provider. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and delays in project completion and ultimately impact your business’s productivity.

Lack of Proactive Support

An effective MSP should proactively identify and address potential problems before they become major issues. They should regularly monitor your systems for vulnerabilities, provide necessary updates, and implement patches to prevent security breaches. If your MSP is not providing proactive support, it may be time to switch to a new provider. A lack of proactive support can result in downtime, data loss, and increased security risks.

Inability to Meet Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service-level agreements (SLAs) define the level of service the MSP is expected to provide. An MSP that consistently fails to meet SLAs is not providing the level of service that your business requires. If your MSP is not meeting its SLAs, it may be time to consider looking for a new provider. Failure to meet SLAs can result in significant business disruptions, lost revenue, and damage to your reputation.

Limited Expertise

An MSP should have the expertise to meet your specific business needs. If your business requires specialized support, such as compliance with industry regulations or management of specific software, your MSP should have the expertise to provide this support. If your MSP lacks the necessary expertise, consider a new provider. Working with an MSP that lacks the necessary expertise can result in suboptimal solutions, increased downtime, and potential security breaches.

Lack of Scalability

As your business grows, your IT needs will change. An effective MSP should be able to accommodate your changing needs and provide scalable solutions. If your MSP cannot keep up with your business’s growth, it may be time to find a new provider. A lack of scalability can result in decreased productivity, increased downtime, and lost revenue.

Increased Costs

One of the primary reasons businesses outsource to MSPs is to reduce costs. If your MSP consistently increases costs without providing additional value, it may be time to look for a new provider. Increased costs can negatively impact your business’s bottom line and limit your ability to invest in growth.


Choosing the right IT Managed Service Provider is critical to the success of your business. If your current MSP is not meeting your business needs, it may be time to consider switching to a new provider. Signs that indicate it is time to switch include inconsistent or poor communication, a lack of proactive support, an inability to meet SLAs, limited expertise, a lack of scalability, and increased costs. By recognizing these signs, you can take proactive steps to ensure your business’s IT infrastructure is in good hands.

EZETech is your go-to provider for IT expertise tailored to the exact needs of businesses promising quality of services and affordability. If you are looking for managed IT services, work with us today.

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17 Feb 2023

What do you know about ChatGPT?

Recently, I am sure you have been bombarded with the news of “AI Taking Over The Internet” and how these technologies are changing how we currently do business. The most talked about being, ChatGPT. What do you know about ChatGPT?

Here is a brief article that I asked ChatGPT to write for me!

I wrote, “Write an article about how ChatGPT is being used in the small business market.”

“Small businesses are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their operations, save time, and increase efficiency. One way that small businesses are achieving these goals is by using ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot.

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to understand and respond to user inputs in a conversational manner. Its versatility makes it useful for small businesses in a wide range of industries, from e-commerce to customer service.
One of the main ways that small businesses are using ChatGPT is for customer service. Chatbots powered by ChatGPT can handle a high volume of customer inquiries and support requests without the need for human intervention. This can save small businesses a lot of time and money, as they no longer have to hire a large customer service team to handle all of their support requests.

Another way that small businesses are using ChatGPT is for marketing and sales. Chatbots can be programmed to help customers with product recommendations, provide information about products or services, and even complete purchases on their behalf. This can help small businesses increase sales and conversions, while also freeing up time for their employees to focus on other tasks.

ChatGPT is also being used by small businesses to automate various tasks, such as scheduling appointments, generating invoices, and even writing content. This can help small businesses save time and resources, as they no longer have to manually complete these tasks themselves.
Another benefit of using ChatGPT is that it can improve the customer experience. Customers can get their questions answered quickly and efficiently, and they can do so at any time of the day or night. This can help small businesses build a loyal customer base, as customers will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of their interactions with the chatbot.

However, it’s important to note that ChatGPT is still a relatively new technology, and there are some potential drawbacks to consider. For example, chatbots may not be able to handle complex issues or emotional interactions as well as a human customer service representative. Additionally, some customers may prefer to speak with a human representative rather than a chatbot.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that small businesses can use to improve their operations and customer experience. Whether it’s for customer service, marketing and sales, or automation, ChatGPT can help small businesses save time and resources, while also improving the quality of their interactions with customers. As this technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more ways that small businesses can benefit from ChatGPT in the future.”

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07 May 2021

The Best Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

Check out our recommendations for The Best Tech Gadgets For Mom

Mother’s Day is two days away, but it may not be too late to get a gift that will help bring mom into the future. Whether she is still quarantining or has her vaccination and is taking the world in stride again, it is always a good time to take that next step into modern technology. Below we are going to help give some last-minute ideas that can be found at most stores or let us be honest Amazon and other online shopping behemoths. 

To start with you can never go wrong with a new computer if you have a higher budget for Mother’s Day. There have been some amazing advancements in computers this past year, and it may be time for that perfect upgrade. We here at EZETech love the recent Lenovo and Microsoft laptop models and if your mom is someone who also likes to use a tablet, draw, and be creative there are plenty of laptops out there that fold and can be used as a tablet. For example, the new Microsoft surface is a perfect size and weight for carrying around and even comes with a stylus for those who want to write, draw and get creative. 

Second, there is always the option of getting your mom a new cellphone to show your appreciation this holiday. Every year, whether your mom is an apple fanatic or android lover, there is an option for the next generation mobile device. If she prefers a bigger screen the iPhone 12 Max would be an amazing gift this Mother’s Day, or if she wants something just as powerful but that can fit in the palm of the hand the new iPhone 12 Mini, or iPhone SE is what you may be looking for.

For those people, whose moms prefer the android however, the new Galaxy A71 5G would be a great budget option. If you have no budget for that perfect mother, the new Galaxy S21 should be your go to option. The new Galaxy S21 has a stunning new camera and will take dazzling photos for all those family outings that your mom would love to have documented. 

How would your mom like to have a robot sidekick to help with vacuuming and cleaning this year? At EZETech we are busy making sure that our clients are always happy and sometimes it is hard to find time to clean the office. That is why we have our own robot to help keep our workspace clean and sparkling. We are sure that your mom works just as hard as we do and would love that perfect partner in crime to help keep the house clean and functioning. The iRobot is a great budget option and at EZETech we like to use the Wyze Vacuum which can be controlled and setup through any smartphone using the Wyze app. 

With the amount of people staying home and quarantining this year, it may be the perfect opportunity to help get your mom started on a smart kitchen. You can start small and get an Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser. This is a great way to help slow the spread of germs in the kitchen and making sure that every mother’s hope that their family is safe and healthy is a reality. You can also get her a Smart WiFi Instant Pot. This will make cooking easier and more convenient and allow her to manage the pot remotely from her smart phone and can even be connected to Alexa. There are many other smart devices that can be setup in the kitchen to make cooking more fun and convenient. 

Mother’s work hard and deserve some relaxation at home, so this year why not help your mom wind down with some great tech gadgets. We recommend looking into a massage gun which can help relieve sore muscles and help your mom reach a relaxed state in her down time. You can also get a back/shoulder or foot massager. These devices can be found everywhere and can even come with heat options to bring relaxation to that next level.  

Last, but not least, if your mom is someone who likes to exercise or go for runs after being cooped up in the house for too long due to Covid, a smart watch may be a great gift option. Smart watches like the apple watch, Samsung watch, and Fitbit keep track of movement, heart rate, and many other biometrics to help your mom track her workouts. We recommend the Apple watch for anyone who uses an iPhone and the Samsung watch for android users. The Fitbit is a great alternative option and will be more attractive to anyone on a budget. 

Mother’s day is the perfect time to show your mom just how important she is to you and the family. Some of these recommendations may be out of budget, but there is always the option of having the family pitch in and turning it into a family gift. Remember, mothers are just happy to spend time with their family and will be happy getting anything that comes from the heart. Happy Mother’s Day! 



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15 Feb 2021

Benefits of Managed IT

How Managed IT Helps Your Business Grow

Technology does not come cheap and it also constantly evolves as we speak. These are one of the two main reasons why companies fall behind their competitors. When it comes to IT, the story is no different. Imagine having to update your system every time a technological breakthrough comes by. It would burn a hole through your budget and would tie up progress for other departments. Without it, you slowly, yet definitely fall behind. This is where managed IT comes into play. Managed IT services have dedicated employees and departments that are always at the top of their game. Instead of having to be a reactive company, you can have a proactive IT department.

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT sounds like a new term, but actually it is not so. Managed IT services has existed for a few years by now and its popularity has been steadily increasing. With managed IT, you outsource your entire IT department to a third-party company to handle. This concept is in fact not limited to IT, but right now we’ll focus on managed IT services.

Benefits of Managed IT?

Benefits of Managed IT

Managed IT positively influences your business or company in a number of different ways. Rather than allowing small to medium sized businesses to operate on the same class as higher end companies, there are many more benefits towards integrating managed IT services to your business model.




  • You can focus on what matters the most

As your business grows, so will the workload. With IT completely out of the way managed by a third party, you can invest your on-site human resources into what matters the most. Fill up the gaps when necessary, without being forced to.


  • Unrivaled Expertise

IT is what managed IT services specialize in. It is not a part of their service, it’s the entire thing. Their team is composed of expert individuals that cater to everything that involves IT. Therefore, you will have the best hands at work.


  • Lower costs

A physical space is no longer needed for your IT department. Everything from hardware, cloud computing, upgrades, and maintenance are all taken care of.


  • Scale up or down with ease

Managed IT services will allow you to scale your IT requirements with relative ease. Your business is growing and you need more hands on deck? No need to buy new equipment or recruit new staff; just contact the Managed IT service provider and you are good to go. Same with scaling down.


  • Reduces the employee salary costs

When using managed IT services, you effectively remove an entire department from your system. This adds up to thousands of dollars saved in the form of salaries every month. While there is a cost for the managed service provider you are hiring, it is always many times cheaper than hiring employees of your own at an on-site office.


  • Minimal downtimes

Managed IT service providers take a proactive approach to their systems. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong they will actively keep everything in check. Even in the event of a system failure, the downtime will be minimal with entire teams of IT professionals dedicated to recovering what is lost.

Do Companies Use Managed IT Services?

Yes, in fact it is more popular than ever. The estimated value of the managed services market is over $205 billion in 2020. It is estimated to grow up to be nearly $400 billion by 2026. More and more companies are rolling over to go with managed IT services over traditional on-site departments and employees.

Who are we?

We are EZETech, a team of dedicated IT professionals that bring every benefit listed above to your doorstep. We have a team of IT experts that will cater to all your needs and requirements. From day 1, our team of skilled IT professionals will take great measures to ensure that everything works out as smooth as possible. Because of our specialization, we have individuals that supplement a wide scope of IT based skill sets. In addition to our specialized manpower, we have partnerships with a wide array of tech services and distributors ranging from Microsoft to 3CX. Thanks to our extensive on-field assets and partners, we are always able to provide our clients with the best possible service.

As always, in our line of work we strictly adhere to being proactive, rather than being reactive. If this interests you, contact us for our services.

Contact EZETech today for more information on Managed IT services.

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01 Feb 2021

Recent SonicWall Hack

SonicWall Hack

SonicWall Fell Victim to a Coordinated Hack

Recent SonicWall Hack

Today, in this digital world every company wants its network secure and tries to put different firewalls to protect its network from a cybersecurity breach. However, still, sometimes it becomes hard to protect their network and somehow hackers get their access to the company network and their vulnerabilities get exposed. Network breaches are common nowadays. Cybersecurity companies make sure to provide a secure network-hub by putting different firewalls and security measures around a network. Firewalls act as a barrier between unauthorized traffic to your infrastructure. It blocks every traffic which has no authorization to enter your network.

However, some attacks expose software vulnerabilities and there is no chance to prevent the breach. One of the most dangerous is zero-day vulnerability. As, for the name, it is named after the number of days, it’s been in the wild. Because in this breach, the developer has no time to prevent this attack and put a security patch. As we have discussed, it can happen to anyone and if there are any vulnerabilities in the system which can be easily exploited, then there are more chances of getting hacked easily. This happened to one of our partners and one of the most popular network device vendor companies, named ‘SonicWall’.

Last Friday, SonicWall was attacked by an exploit, which they called a ‘highly sophisticated’ threat. It was identified by engineers at‘SonicWall’. A coordinated attack on their internal systems was identified on Friday. A hacker had exploited a zero-day vulnerability on specific ‘SonicWall’ secure remote access products. On the first release, they told everyone that their SMA100 and Netextender devices were affected by the exploit. However, in the updated release, they mentioned affected and unaffected devices separately. They told their customers in a general way, that several devices were impacted by the exploit. However, on the second day, they released another press release on their website that specific devices were affected, not Netextender, which seems a big relief to their clients and partners. However, after spending hours on investigation they found out that only devices that are parted with their SMA 100 series appliances are having a zero-day vulnerability and they are still in their investigation.

SonicWall was very transparent about the issue, and provided different mitigation advice, they told their customers to enable multi-factor authentication using SonicWall SMA, Firewalls, and MySonicWall accounts. Multi-factor authentication gives extra security to their accounts.

EZETech as a vendor of SonicWall, we play an important part. We provide a series of mitigation. SonicWall recommends their customers to use two-factor authentication for their admin accounts because admin accounts are most important. In the last two months in an aspect of a security breach, SonicWall has become the fourth cybersecurity company to get hacked. The top three were FireEye, Microsoft, Malwarebytes. We have learned that network breaching has now become a serious and frequent matter which needs monitoring and remediation as soon as possible.

At EZETech, we want our clients to stay protected under our service. That is why our team is on alert since the news was released. We are taking all the safety measures and taking all the steps to mitigate this zero-day vulnerability. We will not compromise on the network security of our valuable clients.

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29 Dec 2020

Fortinet Firewall

EZETech is a managed service provider that can help with all your digital business needs including a world class security solution that is tailored specifically to your business. Explicitly, EZETech offers impenetrable world class security solutions. Now partnered with Fortinet, EZETech has further expanded our services to include enhanced security solutions for small business demands.

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17 Dec 2020

Security Breach

Security Breach at the US Treasury

The United States Treasury, and other government organizations across the globe have faced a long running security breach. Officials are currently working hard to find out more information.

The United States Treasury and underlying commerce departments have been the victim of a cyber-attack, allegedly the group who carried out the attack is backed by a foreign government. The white house held a national security council meeting about the security breach on Saturday. The CISA and the FBI are currently investigating the attack. This attack comes less than a month after President Donald Trump fired Christopher Krebs, the nation’s top director of cybersecurity and infrastructure.

Solar Winds has suggested its users update their existing software.

The compromised software included the NTIA’s Microsoft office 365, and SolarWinds Orion. Both of which had been monitored by the group for months before the attack.  Using a highly sophisticated hacking system, the group was able to bypass the authentication.

The United States Treasury is among many organizations all over the world to be hacked by this group. Orion is suggesting an immediate upgrade to all its users to address the vulnerability.

security breach

Across the Globe, officials are working to recover from this security breach.

Officials in the UK have reported a similar breach in security and have reported the compromises as a serious event. British officials are working to figure out how much data has been compromised in the UK. Both British and US officials have stated that it is an unknown foreign government, most likely a nation state. Officials have also commented on the severity of the breach and stated that the full scope of the attack is unclear, and many agencies are working to find out more specific information.

EZETech can help keep your business safe

Here at EZETech we monitor security breaches across The United States. It is important to us to stay up to date on the happenings in cyber security. It is our number one priority to provide the most reliable protection against malicious attacks. We consistently monitor and safeguard our clients’ servers to keep confidential information encrypted. EZETech provides high end inclusive system monitoring 24 hours a day. We guarantee to defend your business credentials with the most secure practices.

Contact EZETech today for more information.

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19 Nov 2020

Smart Homes

Smart Devices have helped with home security, energy efficiency, and even supported advancements in safety features. Smart homes have become more popular over the last few years and many people are considering making the switch. If you are not sure where to start, EZEtech can help.

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11 Nov 2020

4 Reasons to Custom Build Your PC

Your needs for your computer are probably different today than they will be in the next year or two. Today, your computer time may be spent mostly exploring the internet and streaming some videos. However, a year or two down the road, you may become a gamer or video editor. So instead of having to buy a whole new PC to cater to your new needs, you can bring your custom build computer back to EZETech and we can get your PC fit with a new graphics card or other parts to maximize your experience.

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26 Oct 2020

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