Warning Signs Your IT Provider is Failing You

Managing IT infrastructure is a crucial aspect of any business today. It ensures that all systems are functioning efficiently and securely. Many businesses outsource this responsibility to IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). However, choosing an MSP that aligns with your business’s needs can be daunting. When an MSP fails to deliver the expected level of […]

What do you know about ChatGPT?

Recently, I am sure you have been bombarded with the news of "AI Taking Over The Internet" and how these technologies are changing how we currently do business. The most talked about being, ChatGPT. What do you know about ChatGPT? Here is a brief article that I asked ChatGPT to write for me! I wrote, "Write an article about [...]

4 Reasons Not to Pay Ransomware Attackers

DON’T BE LOW HANGING FRUIT With the ever-growing rate of cyber-attacks, we have seen a rise in ransomware attacks. Hackers are constantly scanning the internet for vulnerable and weakly protected systems. In search for what we call, low hanging fruit. When an organization falls prey to a ransomware attack, they are face with the decision […]

What Is Smishing?

Technology has advanced to the point that just about everyone has a computer in their pocket. Cell phones are great and able you to do many things on the go beside just communication. However, many people don’t realize that the computer in their pocket is at risks to cyber-attacks just as much as the computer […]

Microsoft Teams and To Do: Why Business Should Be Using These Tools

In the working world, communication and staying organized are essential. Communication and staying on task were simple when everybody worked from the office. Gone are the days of pen and paper to do list and communicating with your coworker that was ten feet away. Today everything is digital, and we are all working from remote […]

What is the Log4j Exploit

The Log4j exploit, called Log4Shell or CVE-2021-44228, has been in the news in recent weeks. However, many are asking what it is and how is it bad. How has it made its way into millions of servers? How can you protect yourself? The Confusion The main confusion that come with the exploit is that it […]

The Importance of Cyber Security

Do you lock your house when you leave? Do you keep your valuables safe in a secure location? The answer is probably yes. We all know the importance of keeping our valuables safe, but what about our electronic data? Technology is a prevalent tool in our lives today. With just about everything being online, thieves [...]

Why Is My Laptop or Desktop Slow?

Why is my computer running so slow? Why am I constantly crashing or getting bluescreens? Should I just invest in a new one? Or should I upgrade? Do you ask yourself these questions? If so, before you run to the store and drain your bank account on a new expensive computer, here are some ideas […]

Reasons to Choose Managed IT

In the workplace today, computers and technology are a commonplace. Having high end technology is great and can help increase efficiency and productivity. But at the same time, the downside to technology arises when it stops working properly causing your company to halt to a freeze. When the technology goes down so does productivity. Some […]

Recent Security Issue with Windows – PrinterNightmare

Microsoft has started issuing emergency updates for Windows after researchers found a serious flaw in the operating system. The flaw known as PrintNightmare, affects the Windows Print Spooler Service allowing attackers to be able to remotely execute code with system-level privileges. The Windows Print Spooler service allows multiple users to access a printer and is […]

Backup and Recovery in Preparation of Hurricane Season

Backup and Recovery in Preparations of Hurricane Season  Backing up your data could save time and frustration.     It's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about getting the old generator out of storage or start stocking up on some food. During the hurricane season some people start prepping early while some wait till [...]

The Best Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

Check out our recommendations for The Best Tech Gadgets For Mom Mother’s Day is two days away, but it may not be too late to get a gift that will help bring mom into the future. Whether she is still quarantining or has her vaccination and is taking the world in stride again, it is always a […]

Benefits of Managed IT

How Managed IT Helps Your Business Grow Technology does not come cheap and it also constantly evolves as we speak. These are one of the two main reasons why companies fall behind their competitors. When it comes to IT, the story is no different. Imagine having to update your system every time a technological breakthrough [...]

Recent SonicWall Hack

SonicWall Hack SonicWall Fell Victim to a Coordinated Hack Today, in this digital world every company wants its network secure and tries to put different firewalls to protect its network from a cybersecurity breach. However, still, sometimes it becomes hard to protect their network and somehow hackers get their access to the company network and […]

Fortinet Firewall

EZETech is a managed service provider that can help with all your digital business needs including a world class security solution that is tailored specifically to your business. Explicitly, EZETech offers impenetrable world class security solutions. Now partnered with Fortinet, EZETech has further expanded our services to include enhanced security solutions for small business demands.

Security Breach

Security Breach at the US Treasury The United States Treasury, and other government organizations across the globe have faced a long running security breach. Officials are currently working hard to find out more information. The United States Treasury and underlying commerce departments have been the victim of a cyber-attack, allegedly the group who carried out [...]

Smart Homes

Smart Devices have helped with home security, energy efficiency, and even supported advancements in safety features. Smart homes have become more popular over the last few years and many people are considering making the switch. If you are not sure where to start, EZEtech can help.

4 Reasons to Custom Build Your PC

Your needs for your computer are probably different today than they will be in the next year or two. Today, your computer time may be spent mostly exploring the internet and streaming some videos. However, a year or two down the road, you may become a gamer or video editor. So instead of having to buy a whole new PC to cater to your new needs, you can bring your custom build computer back to EZETech and we can get your PC fit with a new graphics card or other parts to maximize your experience.

Importing Gmail Contacts into Outlook

If you are looking to sync your Gmail or Google Contacts into the Outlook app for Windows 10, you have come to the right place.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday THE BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR IS HERE! Black Friday deals taking place from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm November 27th. HP 24" Monitor Outstanding visuals with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 75 Hz Slim Design Micro-edge display Panoramic Viewing Easily connect to your PC, gaming console, and peripherals Broad range [...]

Ransomware Attack Prevention

Nationwide Ransomware Scare Recent ransomware attack on a major hospital chain is one of the largest cyberattacks in U.S. history. Could this have been prevented? What Happened Wellington Regional Medical Center in South Florida, along with hundreds of other hospitals affiliated with Universal Health Services suffered a massive security breach, experts indicating it sounds like [...]

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

What is a disaster recovery plan?
A disaster recovery plan is defined as a written document for processing critical applications in the event of a major hardware or software failure or destruction of facilities by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is basically a way for a business to resume work in a timely manner following an unplanned incident.

Synology NAS

What is NAS? NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. NAS is an intelligent storage device that connects to your home or office network. You can store all of your files, as well as your family’s or coworker’s files, on the NAS. You can gain access to all of these files by using a web browser or mobile apps over the internet.

COVID-19 Work from Home Recommendations

Do you need to work from home during COVID-19? How EZETech Works We are partnered with many vendors and internet service providers We are essentially a one-stop shop for all your tech and security needs Come to us and tell us what your budget is and what your objective is, we will handle the rest [...]

High Quality & Affordable Security

Wyze Not? One of Wyze's cofounders believed that the higher-quality, better-recognized brands were incredibly overpriced while the cheaper ones were unreliable. Wyze was built on the idea consumers deserved better than that. Wyze is a company founded from a passion for providing customers access to high-quality products at great prices. Costs are able to be [...]

4 Ways LastPass Can Make Your Life Easier

The Problem - Easy to Guess Passwords   Technology has evolved incredibly over the years, with that so has the threat to your data. It is no longer safe to use easy to guess passwords. A computer is able to 'crack' that easier than you would imagine. If you use the same password for multiple [...]

Windows 10 version 2004

Windows 10 Version 2004   Common Issues with Windows 10 v2004   BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) Error Message Different ways to solve this issue: Update your software. You should have the newest versions of your software installed before trying to upgrade to Windows 10 v2004. Update your drivers. Scan PC for malware. You can do a full [...]

3 Benefits of Using 3CX VoIP Systems

3CX gives it’s users the freedom to run their business while conveniently and effectively managing client calls and employee communication all while remaining consistently reachable. Web conferencing, call-forwarding time frames, adaptability across multiple devices and software systems,and an open platform…


While the transition to employees working from home can be a challenge, safeguarding your network against risks is often the bigger headache. While the transition to employees working from home can be a challenge, safeguarding your network against risks is often the bigger headache.

Windows 7 to Retire in 2020

Upgrading to Windows 10 Windows 7 to Retire in 2020 The wheel of technology waits for no one, and the upcoming end of life cycle for Windows 7 is just more evidence of that truth. Windows 7 was hailed as a breath of fresh air, especially after the general disapproval of Windows 8, and for [...]

Back That Thing Up

Image Courtesy of pexels.com  DATA BACKUP We all have data, some of us have a lot of data, some of us have way too much data. No matter who you are, your data is stored somewhere. This data could be family pictures, videos, personal information, contact information, patient health information, banking information or literally anything. [...]

Password Management

Is the above what your password management system looks like? If so, you’re likely not alone and if not, I bet you know someone who has sticky notes stuck to their monitor containing passwords or other protected information.
In today’s day and age, password security couldn’t be more important but, sadly, a lot of us tend to neglect just how important it is…

Personal Online Security

At EZETech we care about your personal internet presence and want to make sure it’s always well protected. We recommend the following online protection: LastPass, Two Factor Authentication, and multiple chrome plugins

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