28 Apr 2022

4 Reasons Not to Pay Ransomware Attackers


With the ever-growing rate of cyber-attacks, we have seen a rise in ransomware attacks. Hackers are constantly scanning the internet for vulnerable and weakly protected systems. In search for what we call, low hanging fruit. When an organization falls prey to a ransomware attack, they are face with the decision of whether they’re going to pay the ransom and hopefully get back up and running or not pay and run the risk of never getting their data back. It may seem tempting to some to just pay and get your data back, but the repercussions are just not worth it and in some cases are illegal. Here are four reasons to not pay ransomware.

There’s No Guarantee You’ll Regain Access to Data

Most victims prefer to pay the ransom because they see it as a less expensive or less risky option compared to not paying. The way ransomware is design is that you pay the ransom on your data, and you regain access. However, only 51% if victims that paid the ransom were able to get their data back. A study shows that only 8% of business got all their data back. On average businesses will only receive 65% of their data back. The attackers who hold the ransom are thieves. There is no guarantee that they will honor the ransom.

Ransom Payment Encourages More Attacks

When an organization pays the ransom, they are more likely to be targeted again. The organization may be seen as a well of money for to the attackers. This same reason could result in only partial access to data. Studies show that 80% of organizations that paid the ransom, have experienced a second attack by the same group. The attacker could have saved a copy of the data just to threaten you more to pay more ransom. By paying the ransom, the organization put a target on their backs. The advice has always been to not negotiate with the attackers.

The Attacker Could Still Leak or Sell Your Data

An organization paid the ransom and got all their data back, great right? Not so much. The attacker could have saved a copy of the data just to leak the data or sell it to nefarious people. Depending on the information, the attacker possibly could sell the data to worse criminals. Companies who need to comply to HIPAA are usually most targeted due to the nature of the sensitive information they hold. Data such as social security numbers, health records, banking information, phone numbers, and email addresses can all be sold by the attackers.

Paying Ransom can Cost You Fines

Many of these ransomware actors reside in countries in which the U.S. government has sanctions on. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has included malicious cyber actors in its cyber related sanctions program. These sanctions allow OFAC to penalize any U.S. persons who aid and or support these cyber criminals. By paying the ransom, a person is counted to be assisting these attackers. The penalties apply even if the victim is unaware of the sanctions and may be civilly liable by OFAC.


Ransomware attacks can be an expensive headache. These attacks usually start as malicious software that get on to a system usually through a phishing email or weak cyber defense. At EZETech, we set up controls throughout your organization to reduce and minimize the chances and damages of ransomware attacks. Our team of trained professionals understand the many different ways these criminals can get into your network and systems. We work with your team to train your staff to spot these threats before letting them in by mistake. We lock down systems, networks and even user permissions to prevent this costly threat. Additionally, we provide you with consistent patching and training to make sure your systems are simply too tough to break into. In most cases these hackers are lazy and will move on to other low hanging fruit.

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29 Mar 2022

What Is Smishing?

Technology has advanced to the point that just about everyone has a computer in their pocket. Cell phones are great and able you to do many things on the go beside just communication. However, many people don’t realize that the computer in their pocket is at risks to cyber-attacks just as much as the computer at home. That threat is called smishing. Here is what smishing is and how to defend against it.

What is Smishing?

Smishing in a nutshell is the mobile version phishing. Phishing is typically a legitimate looking scam email, disguised to look like a real company to steal your data. A popular example of this is an email made to look like your bank asking you to sign in or asking for account information. Smishing is exactly like, but instead of email its text messages. These scam messages can also appear in other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. These messages, like phishing emails, often appear as a company offering a special deal with a link attached.

What are the attackers after?

Like with phishing emails, the attackers are after your personal information. They are interested in the information that would be able for them to steal money, usually yours or your company’s. They might accomplish this one of two ways. First, they might attach a link in the message that would start downloading malware. This malware might disguise itself as a regular function or app, tricking you to input your sensitive information. Secondly, the link may take you to a site asking you to input personal information. With this information, the cybercriminals can steal your online identity and or even your money too.

How to protect yourself

Thankfully it is simple to protect yourself. All you must do is to not fall for the bait. There are a few things to keep in mind to help you not take the bait. First, no bank or merchant will send you a text asking to update your information or confirm your card information. If you have doubts, call your bank. Secondly, never click on a link or reply message that is included in a text message you are unsure of. Thirdly, look for suspicious numbers that don’t look like normal phone numbers. Lastly, just don’t respond to the message.


Even though your phone may now be at risk of being attacked, smishing is simple to prevent. You just need to remember the four main thinks to look out for in an unrecognized text message. At EZETech, we set up policies to reduce and minimize the chances and damages of smishing attacks. Our team is trained to prevent cyberattacks of all types. We strive to keep you and your company safe and secure by using the latest technology and providing security awareness training.


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16 Feb 2022

Microsoft Teams and To Do: Why Business Should Be Using These Tools

In the working world, communication and staying organized are essential. Communication and staying on task were simple when everybody worked from the office. Gone are the days of pen and paper to do list and communicating with your coworker that was ten feet away. Today everything is digital, and we are all working from remote locations. Today more than ever we need a reliable to do and communication tool? Microsoft Teams and Microsoft To Do accomplish exactly that, and here area few ways they do it.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams does many things from collaborative file editing, secure chatting to web-meetings. You can look at Teams like an improved version of Skype with Office features and SharePoint all in one place. Teams is a secure and compliant way to communicate and share data with internal company’s team members.

Teams is great for the quick question to your boss or co-workers. The chat feature is used for a quick tap your co-worker on the shoulder type of question. This is great for those virtual workers, or workers in another department that you rather not have to walk to. Teams allows you to talk to team member without the need for an email or call. You can even create group chats for different projects and/or teams to communicate together in one group.

Teams also allows VOIP calling. Both video and audio calls are effortless with Teams. This is great for hosting meetings or if you need to have a long conversation with a co-worker at a different location. If you ever need do R&D from home or need to run to a client’s office, you can take the team chat with you. Even accessing secure files in remote locations are easy in teams. Keeping everything centralized and accessible without compromising security are key to a company’s success.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do helps employees organize their tasks and helps to refocus what the managers want done. It is an intuitive task management tool, that allows user to create individual To Do list, invite others to collaborate, and the integration with other Microsoft apps make To Do an amazing tool. Allowing integration with Outlook, makes it easy to turn emails into task with a simple click and drag. You can also link your Outlook task to automatically sync with your To Do Task.

If you are an individual working on a project or have many things to do, To Do allows for you to document every step of the way. This will help organize and to help focus on the tasks ahead. Your To Do can host multiple different lists allowing to track multiple projects at once. Manager’s love being able to see what you are working on, using To Do makes status reports easy to compile because you have everything in one place, and it can easily be exported.

To Do is great for collaborative work. If you are working on a large project, To Do makes it easy for everyone to see the task for the project. To Do also makes it simple to assign specific task to certain colleagues. This allows for easy tracking of task to make sure the project stays on time.


Microsoft Teams and To Do allows for a streamline way to communicate, share, organize and collaborate with your team. These tools help to boost productivity and security. Here at EZETech we practice what we preach. We use our tools and services we provide on a daily basis. Teams and To Do allow us to mainstream our level of service for our clients and of course our managers love everything they bring to the table. Microsoft is constantly improving on these tools, and they are always adding new features and integrations to other tools we use. Contact us today to see how we can help incorporate these tools into your business with Office 365.

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30 Dec 2021

What is the Log4j Exploit

The Log4j exploit, called Log4Shell or CVE-2021-44228, has been in the news in recent weeks. However, many are asking what it is and how is it bad. How has it made its way into millions of servers? How can you protect yourself?

The Confusion

The main confusion that come with the exploit is that it is not data but rather code. Log4j is not a malicious application or a virus. Log4j is simply a logging library for Java Script. An example of what it does is say you log into an account and with the wrong username or password, Log4j will keep track of that. However, it does log more than just usernames and passwords. It can also keep track and display error messages.

Where the Problem is and How it Works

The problem comes from that fact that every Java application is running Log4j to some extent. What that means that some apps use it directly while others use it indirectly. Approximately 60% of applications use Log4j indirectly and therefore it is so widespread.
How the exploit works is through JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) lookups in log messages. Log4j allows the logging of expressions. Expressions perform the work of a Java program. Among other things, expressions are used to compute and assign values to variables and to help control the execution flow of a program. Like say displaying an error message when logging in with the wrong username or password.. JNDI store Java objects in remote locations and serialize them, like streaming them from a cloud server. When an object is searched or requested in an application, the JNDI will automatically go to look up the object from the remote server.

Why it works is because the link to the server could be to a malicious program. The malicious program could enable Remote Code Execution (RCE). RCE allows for any hack to run code on your machine by hacking the application that uses Log4j. So, say you are on a news app, and you search for a certain topic. The key words for the topic is the JNDI. The app will perform a JNDI lookup for articles that link to the key words. Then the app shows articles to download to read. The problem lies here. In the lookup process a cyber attacker just modifies the lookup code and redirect it to where they want it to go. After the hacker, when those key words are searched, the results are going to bring up code that allows for an RCE. This process is very easy to do since Java is open source. So, all the hacker has to know is how to code.

Am I Safe?

The version that was a problem has already been patched. However, just because Java has been updated doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. We still need to wait for all applications using anything older than update 2.16 to be updated to the latest version. Here we are at the mercy of the companies and developers.

What Can I Do?

On the server side it is very simple. There are settings that control whether the logging system can interpret data as code. On the everyday side, there is not much you can do beside general cybersecurity safety. Be on the alert for phishing frauds, use a strong antivirus, and update your applications constantly. At EZETech, we make the process of keeping your data safe simple. With server monitoring and security control we can make sure that your server is protected. With risk management, passwords management, log and event management, backup and disaster recovery, our team of cybersecurity specialists strive to keep your data safe and secure.

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25 Oct 2021

The Importance of Cyber Security

Do you lock your house when you leave? Do you keep your valuables safe in a secure location? The answer is probably yes. We all know the importance of keeping our valuables safe, but what about our electronic data? Technology is a prevalent tool in our lives today. With just about everything being online, thieves have found new ways to steal our valuables. Whether they be important business documents or sensitive banking records, it is imperative that you and your team are well versed in Cyber Security.

What Is Cyber Security and Why is it Important?

Cyber Security is the process of protecting and recovering computer systems, networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks are a danger to your sensitive data. With the world reliant on technology, the need for advanced cyber security is even more important. As we continue into the new generation of technology, cyber threats will have an increasing more ways to access your data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Going into this new decade, rate of cyber crimes has risen substantially. Whether it be a large or small scale business, cyber criminals will look for opportunities to exploit data and money from these businesses. The average amount cost of a cyber attack last year has been estimated to be $11.7 million. This number has already increased by more than 20% this year from last year. It is estimated that this number will increase further. The increase in these cyber crimes makes cyber security more important.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks come in all shapes and sizes. From ransomware to phishing emails, cyber criminals are getting sneakier with their malevolent deeds. To better protect yourself from these attacks, it is important for you and your team to be aware of the types of common attacks.


Most have heard of the “Nigerian Prince” email scam before. This is an example of a Phishing email. However, Phishing emails are no longer as “see through.” Today these malicious emails are design to look like a real email from a reputable company. Often including names, logos, and wording, these emails include harmful links that give the cyber-criminal access to sensitive data like credit cards and social security. It is important to never open these emails or click on any links included.


Malware can appear in many forms. Most common are viruses, but they can include spyware and ransomware. These types of software often find their way into a network by clicking on a suspicious email or installing a risky application. Once the Malware is inside the network, the attackers have free rein over your data.

How We Help

While most Malware can be handled with an anti-virus, for most other cyber-attacks it would be best to have a team of specialist. The best insurance for your data is having a dedicated team to cyber security. A cyber security team can monitor your network and devices. This team can educate your team on safe IT practices. This is where we come in. At EZETech, we are a Managed IT Provider. We offer many IT services including Cyber Security and Cyber Security Training. Our dedicated team can provide the best security from cyber-threats. We treat your security as if it were our own. Our team strives to help you grow with your business, and to keep your data safe and secure.

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15 Sep 2021

Why Is My Laptop or Desktop Slow?

Why is my computer running so slow?

Why am I constantly crashing or getting bluescreens?
Should I just invest in a new one? Or should I upgrade?

Do you ask yourself these questions?

If so, before you run to the store and drain your bank account on a new expensive computer, here are some ideas to help speed up your system and extend the life of your slow machine.

First, run update on the system to bring it to the latest version. Of course, this should always be followed by a good old REBOOT. Once complete you may be seeing new features and new settings. Sometimes a reboot can fix problems caused by updates and system changes that may require a reboot to fully apply.

Now let’s get into the details of why your computer is still being slow. A good place to start is “Task Manager” in Windows or “Activity Monitor” on Apple devices. Once in there, click on the “Performance” tab to see your CPU, MEMORY, DISK, ETHERNET, and GPU utilizations. If you see a high percentage being used on any of these, you may want to consider upgrading that particular hardware. If all seems good, the problem could end up being software related. Misconfigured drivers and or malware could be the cause. In most cases we recommend that you backup and do a fresh install of your operating system. This typically cleaned out bad registries, malware, spyware, and any other software that could be causing the problem.

Replace an Old Hard Drive

If you have an older computer, you have an older hard drive. Hard drive technology has drastically changed in the last few years. New SSD drives can make things 10-50X faster and is a relatively cheap upgrade to do. This is a go to upgrade that we recommend to everyone running on rotating media drives. Not just is it so much faster but it also much more reliable technology. SSD drives have no moving components making them less susceptible to failure due to vibrations or drops.

When you visit us at EZETech we offer free assessments to see what specifications your computer has and compare them to what today’s minimum standards are for smooth operations. We then determine if you need a new hard drive by running benchmarks and seeing what the health of the drive is. We do offer onsite virus scans and virus removal. Our team of educated technicians are here to guide you through the entire process of upgrading or purchasing new equipment.

Upgrade your RAM /Processor

Running sluggish due to low memory? Optimize your machine by freeing up applications that maybe running in the background taking up RAM. Also doing an assessment on your processor and RAM will clearly identify the trouble programs causing systems to underperform. In some cases your browser may be the culprit. We today recommend people to switch to Microsoft Edge because of its seamless integration to Windows, its security and performance improvements and its overall ease of use. Unlike other browsers Edge today is breaking out new features to keep your data synced, secure and the browser running faster with less hardware utilization.


Does your computer make a lot of noise and even shut down randomly? Bring it into EZETech and we can perform a thorough cleaning. If you have an older computer and never had it taken apart, chances are there is dirt, dust, and pet hair physically making your computers fans clog up causing the system to overheat and slow down or crash. This overheating can actually damage your device permanently and should be addressed as soon as possible. A good cleaning typically solves this, but sometimes it’s too late and fans may need to be replaced to get the system ventilation working properly again.

Viruses and Malware

Here at EZETech, we take security very seriously. We want to protect our clients and make sure their data is always safe. We perform a virus and malware scan with all computers that come through our doors. Our team will make sure your hard drive is clean before installing hardware or migrating your data. We have specialized antivirus product that not just protects you on all levels but will also notify our technicians when you have been attacked so we can proactively be there to stop it from spreading to other devices or stealing your information.

Background Programs

Any programs or plugins constantly running in the background can make your computer slower and could potentially be spying on you. We always recommend that you try to limit the number of random programs you download from the web. Downloading adware, spyware and viruses is becoming far too common today and everything to prevent them should be taken into serious consideration. Thieves sometimes remain dormant in your computers for months just watching and analyzing your every move, your passwords, your websites, and everything you do. Preventing unknown and unsafe apps from ever entering your machine is our number one priority to protect you and your data.

We Are Your One-Stop Shop for Any and All IT Needs!

EZETech at its core is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We provide proactive and reactive support for your business. Our Team works with state-of-the-art technology solutions to help enhance your company’s operations. We believe business owners have enough to worry about which is why, from start to finish, our experts provide you with the solutions needed to function securely and efficiently in today’s technological world.

Our service stacks cover the entirety of your IT needs from day one to get you 100% operational and running the way that works best for your business. Thanks to our great team and wonderful partners, we not only provide you with the best service, but the best hardware at discounted pricing. When EZETech configures your services, we are always looking out for your security and will enable features to protect you and your assets. At the end of the day, we’ve got your back and work to be your one stop shop for any and all of your tech needs!

Contact EZETech today for more information on our IT services.


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30 Aug 2021

Reasons to Choose Managed IT

In the workplace today, computers and technology are a commonplace. Having high end technology is great and can help increase efficiency and productivity. But at the same time, the downside to technology arises when it stops working properly causing your company to halt to a freeze. When the technology goes down so does productivity. Some companies have staff that can handle some of the issues, but why have them focus on fixing something that is not part of their job? That’s where Managed IT comes in.

What Is Managed IT?

Imagine having a problem that you could try to solve yourself but would take hours of your valuable time and may not be done correctly resulting in more issues. Normally in those cases you would result in hiring a professional to come solve your tech problems, paying emergency charges. This ultimately is unpredictable expense and can hurt your overall business. There is a solution. Managed IT. With a Managed IT Partner, you can trust that the people doing the work are experts in that field. Providing you the best-in-class service with best security and implementation processes. Additionally, documentation is a standard practice for Managed IT companies. This protects you from forgetting credentials or losing access to your own equipment.

Main Reason to Managed IT

Most large companies have a dedicated IT department that maintain and fix problems that arise within the company. This is good, but not great. In many cases on site staff are overwhelmed and usually fail to do training on new security threats and new technology solutions. Smaller business on the other hand sometimes can’t afford the payroll budget or office space to properly house IT staff. These companies typically rely on the unknown internet solutions and/or their own employees to fix IT issues. Here is how Managed IT can benefit everybody.


Usually, to have an effective IT department you need to hire a few staff members to properly diversify skill sets. Depending on your company’s operations will depend on the number of employees, but generally you are going to need an IT Manager, a security analyst, and a few system administrators. For a conventional IT department, you would need to have space in the office and a substantial payroll budget. You would also need to spend time looking for candidates and time training. A Managed IT Partner would take away the need for a dedicated payroll with benefits and replace it with a predictable monthly service fee. The Managed IT Partner is responsible in its staff education and training to stay up to date with technology, security threats and industry knowledge.


The FBI revealed that 95 percent of all security incidents are a result of human error. A Managed IT Partner will setup around the clock tracking and monitoring on any company device. This is to catch any human errors and prevent inviting strangers into your system. Having a Managed IT Partner can also assure that your systems are safe and secure from any outside threat. In the event of an attack, the last thing that you’d want is to lose access to your data. Aside from Asset Inventory having a SIEM and a SOC to track, monitor and alert on security flaws is key to protecting your assets and corporate data.

Choosing the Right IT Partner

When looking for an IT Partner for your business, be sure to ask how they plan to improve your success. A good IT Partner should help to increase the productivity and security of your company. Here at EZETech we offer a variety of different IT solutions that meet all business sizes. We offer everything from Computer Repair to more advanced Cyber Security services, like: SOC, NOC and SIEM. Our team knows that conventional IT solutions can be costly, that’s why we offer an affordable and predictable solution and are always willing to work around your budget. We strive to help you grow with your business, by offering the best in class plans and services to meet your needs while protecting you from the ever-growing dangers of the internet.

Contact EZETech today for more information on our Managed IT services.

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