11 Nov

4 Reasons to Custom Build Your PC

Custom Computer Builds by EZETech

Custom Computer Builds by EZETech

We build computers custom to your expectations and budget!

Why are custom computer builds superior to pre-built PCs?

1. Customization

Your needs for your computer are probably different today than they will be in the next year or two. Today, your computer time may be spent mostly exploring the internet and streaming some videos. However, a year or two down the road, you may become a gamer or video editor. So instead of having to buy a whole new PC to cater to your new needs, you can bring your custom build computer back to EZETech and we can get your PC fit with a new graphics card or other parts to maximize your experience. There are many parts that can be added/updated to customize your computer experience including your graphics card, memory, case, power supply, processor, motherboard, mouse, monitor, keyboard, and speakers.

2. Highest Quality Parts

When buying a pre-built computer, you might pick a computer based on the logo or the brand reputation. However, buying a pc based on those credentials doesn’t always ensure you are purchasing a computer with the highest quality parts. These companies are looking to make the highest profit possible, which ultimately means they might skip out on some quality parts. These parts could be your RAM, hard drives, power supplies, or others. Having EZETech build your custom workstation means that you will know each and every part that is going into your workstation.

3. No Bloatware!

If you aren’t familiar with bloatware, it is something that typically accompanies a prebuilt PC. If you are ever sitting there wondering why your computer is running so slow, you might not even be aware that you computer has bloatware on it. You never installed anything harmful onto your PC, it’s not even a year old yet, yet is running so slow. Bloatware is not something that is destructive or dangerous to your computer, however it is something that will make your computer slower by consuming unnecessary space on your hard drive.

These applications and software on your computer are probably things you will never us and not necessary. Why would the manufacturer include bloatware? The software typically include third-party apps, which gives the manufacturer additional revenue. Your computer might include trialware, which is typically in the form of antivirus software. You will get that free month of antivirus and then when the month is up and you don’t renew, the software will just consume space on your hard drive. If you choose EZETech to custom build your computer, we will never incorporate unnecessary applications to slow down your computer. We want your computer to be the fastest it can possibly be!

4. Customer Support

If you would like to update your computer, there will never be a need to sit on the phone with tech support for hours. EZETech is local and will always provide the best possible customer support. Come by our office, tell us your expectations, and leave us your PC. We will do everything in our power to meet your expectations while staying within your budget.

Custom Built PC by EZETech
Custom Built PC by EZETech
Custom Built PC by EZETech

Call or stop by EZETech today to inquire about a custom build computer!

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