Excellent IT services firm.
Highly recommended.
Very smart/professional IT/MSP-MSSP/OS business operations, a hidden gem in PSL, perhaps the best IT support firm in the Treasure Coast area…


Andrew G about experience with EZETech
Andrew G.

For the last 3 years, my company has used EZETech as our managed service provider for phones, office365, network maintenance, monitoring and security and especially for hipaa compliance and encrypted emails.

Zack and his teammates have always been prompt, courteous and professional, making our staff feel as if we are his only customers.  They have kept us prepared for projected industry IT changes, to better budget as well as stay up to date with hardware and software updates/patches to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Thank you for reasonable rates and your continued first class services.
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Drew M.our regular customer

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Miriam Grayour regular client