29 Dec

Fortinet Firewall

Small Businesses and Security: Are You Protected?

EZETech is proud to announce a new partnership with fortinet.

Small and medium businesses are finding digital solutions for their day-to-day operations. These include cloud-based apps, digital marketing programs and mobile access to these entities are all potential susceptible to data breaches.  Security and data breaches can be quite the headache for business owners and may even hold consequences such as hefty fines.

Fortinet Is Tailored for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

EZETech is a managed service provider that can help with all your digital business needs including a world class security solution that is tailored specifically to your business. Explicitly, EZETech offers impenetrable world class security solutions. Now partnered with Fortinet, EZETech has further expanded our services to include enhanced security solutions for small business demands.

Firewalls Add an Extra Layer of Security.

Fortinet’s firewall is easily integrated into existing technologies and platforms your business has already established for everyday use. Fortinet enhances your business security by securing your endpoints, devices, and networks. It works to protect virtual, on site and cloud-based operations.
With full 360 protection and zero trust network credential protection, Fortinet works to implement security checkpoints into everyday operations to operate at the highest level of protection. Fortinet specializes in cloud security and artificial intelligence integrations into security points. As technology advances and diversifies it is imperative that network security expands to be able to manage risk.

Cyber Security Fortinet

Reliable Cyber Security Offers Complete Peace of Mind

Zero trust network integrations provide comprehensive control. During a workplace renaissance, COVID-19 has forced many companies to introduce remote work options for their employees. With Fortinet, there is peace of mind for business owners who have dispatched devices to their employee’s homes. Fortinet’s network allows for complete visibility. It allows for network permissions and accessibility roles, as well as device monitoring for both on and offline devices.  EZETech provides high end security with 24-hour monitoring.

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