16 Feb

Microsoft Teams and To Do: Why Business Should Be Using These Tools

In the working world, communication and staying organized are essential. Communication and staying on task were simple when everybody worked from the office. Gone are the days of pen and paper to do list and communicating with your coworker that was ten feet away. Today everything is digital, and we are all working from remote locations. Today more than ever we need a reliable to do and communication tool? Microsoft Teams and Microsoft To Do accomplish exactly that, and here area few ways they do it.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams does many things from collaborative file editing, secure chatting to web-meetings. You can look at Teams like an improved version of Skype with Office features and SharePoint all in one place. Teams is a secure and compliant way to communicate and share data with internal company’s team members.

Teams is great for the quick question to your boss or co-workers. The chat feature is used for a quick tap your co-worker on the shoulder type of question. This is great for those virtual workers, or workers in another department that you rather not have to walk to. Teams allows you to talk to team member without the need for an email or call. You can even create group chats for different projects and/or teams to communicate together in one group.

Teams also allows VOIP calling. Both video and audio calls are effortless with Teams. This is great for hosting meetings or if you need to have a long conversation with a co-worker at a different location. If you ever need do R&D from home or need to run to a client’s office, you can take the team chat with you. Even accessing secure files in remote locations are easy in teams. Keeping everything centralized and accessible without compromising security are key to a company’s success.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do helps employees organize their tasks and helps to refocus what the managers want done. It is an intuitive task management tool, that allows user to create individual To Do list, invite others to collaborate, and the integration with other Microsoft apps make To Do an amazing tool. Allowing integration with Outlook, makes it easy to turn emails into task with a simple click and drag. You can also link your Outlook task to automatically sync with your To Do Task.

If you are an individual working on a project or have many things to do, To Do allows for you to document every step of the way. This will help organize and to help focus on the tasks ahead. Your To Do can host multiple different lists allowing to track multiple projects at once. Manager’s love being able to see what you are working on, using To Do makes status reports easy to compile because you have everything in one place, and it can easily be exported.

To Do is great for collaborative work. If you are working on a large project, To Do makes it easy for everyone to see the task for the project. To Do also makes it simple to assign specific task to certain colleagues. This allows for easy tracking of task to make sure the project stays on time.


Microsoft Teams and To Do allows for a streamline way to communicate, share, organize and collaborate with your team. These tools help to boost productivity and security. Here at EZETech we practice what we preach. We use our tools and services we provide on a daily basis. Teams and To Do allow us to mainstream our level of service for our clients and of course our managers love everything they bring to the table. Microsoft is constantly improving on these tools, and they are always adding new features and integrations to other tools we use. Contact us today to see how we can help incorporate these tools into your business with Office 365.

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