21 Aug

Password Management

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Is the above what your password management system looks like? If so, you’re likely not alone and if not, I bet you know someone who has sticky notes stuck to their monitor containing passwords or other protected information.

In today’s day and age, password security couldn’t be more important but, sadly, a lot of us tend to neglect just how important it is and how the climate of cyber security has changed. Simply having a password is just not enough, not by a long shot.

The Problem

Anyone not living under a rock for the past decade can tell you that technology is evolving fast, and it’s not always easy to keep up with. The truth is, threats to your data, and security have been evolving along side it. Using short, easy to guess passwords today, might as well be the same as not using one at all. You may be thinking that your password is tough to guess, but if it doesn’t look something like this “iH28$u2hFC%YO” there is a very good chance that a computer could ‘crack’ your password, given some time. On top of that, a lot of us use the same password for many accounts, which of course means, should one be compromised, they are now all forfeit.

The Solution

Luckily for us there are now smart solutions that can help us manage these worries and even make managing our personal or business accounts not just easier, but a whole lot more convenient. Password management services like LastPass can offer a tremendous increase in security through robust password management. LastPass can generate long, and secure passwords at the click of a button, and easily store your login credentials for all of your sites and accounts. All of this is kept secure and encrypted behind your single “Master Password.”

Keeping It a Breeze

More than just password storage a password management service, these powerful tools can offer further features like the ability to store and manage personal contact or credit card information. They can also give you the ability to give employees access to credentials, via a password management system. This allows you to maintain a complex, secure password that your employees never even need to see or know, giving you full control over who can access what accounts, and when.


Services like this have never been more available to the public than they are now, and you can certainly find peace of mind by employing something like LastPass in your personal life. However, it’s my recommendation that should you really want to take full advantage of a system like this, where it counts most, like a business or office, contact a professional service provider like EZETech and let them set them set you up properly with policies to protect you and your companies data. Password security doesn’t have to be hard.

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