23 Aug

Personal Online Security

3 Tips to Enhance Your Personal Online Security

Web security practices are important to safeguard your personal data

At EZETech we care about your personal internet presence and want to make sure it is always well protected. We recommend the following online security personal protection practices:

Consider installing LastPass password manager

LastPass is a password manager, password generator and password security auditing. It helps users have different passwords for websites to protect you from online data leaks. LastPass has clear auditing of your current passwords and password complexity to show you exactly where your weaknesses are.
It saves complex passwords and auto fills them into sites so that you can have both secure protection and online.  It supports desktops and mobile (iOS and Android) and supports most browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) Click here to get one month free

Consider adding these recommended security add-ons for Google Chrome

  • HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere forces HTTPS instead of HTTP on websites, which essentially ensures that you will not unknowingly visit any unsecure websites that could potentially be hacking and data collecting websites.

  • AdBlock plus

AdBlock will block ads and popups from websites. Certain websites that are used for phishing scams will claim that you have won money or a free vacation to get you to enter personal information. AdBlock eliminates unnecessary popups

  • Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger blocks tracking and spying ads. Many websites have data collection bots installed. Privacy Badger blocks malicious spyware.

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Here at EZETech your personal online security is important to us. We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. Consider implementing  some or all of these software and security options into your day to day web browsing to keep your data safe and secure.

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