Server Services

Server Services include granular configurations and troubleshooting. They are provided to our clients whom either provided or purchased a server from EZETech. These services can be customized to your company and provide an overall improvement to productivity, simplicity, and management of your most valuable information, policies, and users.

Server Services

File Sharing

We provide a wide range file sharing services, from media for your home to classified company data. No matter the job, we can do it!

Virus Protection

If your computer is running slow, it’s more than likely being caused by viruses, malware, spyware, or a Trojan horse inviting more malicious software in. We offer virus removal or full system re-installs.

Printer Sharing

Only have one printer? Not a problem! We can make any printer shareable to as many users in your home or business as needed, even if you don’t have a network connected printer.


Ever wanted to keep an eye on your house while on vacation? We offer home and business security services. Whether it be analog or IP surveillance, we have solutions for you.


Trying to connect more than one computer in your house or office? No problem! Our network experts can connect any system to the internet and more. Ask about our remote office services that make it possible for you to work from anywhere!

Cloud Services

Backup your entire computer to the cloud, synchronize data across all your computers and mobile device, or run an entire company from the internet!

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