19 Nov

Smart Homes

Four Reasons to Make Your Home a Smart Home

Are You Thinking About Turning Your Home Into a Smart Home?

Smart Homes Have Increased Significantly in Popularity.

Since the launch of the Echo Dot in 2016, Amazon has pioneered advances of artificial intelligence. The development of smart devices has made common household accessories and appliances more technologically advanced at an affordable price. Smart Devices have helped with home security, energy efficiency, and even supported advancements in safety features.  Smart homes have become more popular over the last few years and many people are considering making the switch. If you are not sure where to start, EZEtech can help.

Most Household Devices are Already Compatible.

Since the rise of the smart device, many companies have incorporated smart features into everyday appliances, such as refrigerators, coffee makers, thermostats, and wall outlets. When upgrading your home, it is ideal to use a smart hub to control all your smart devices and get the most use out of your voice assistant. To equip your home, a stable and secure Wi-Fi connection needs to be established. Smart devices need to be updated and protected just like other electronics. It is important to have up to date firmware and a protected Wi-Fi network to keep your home secure.  EZETech has affordable and secure options and plans for this.

Smart Homes are Cost Efficient.

EZEtech recommends the Wink Smart hub.  Wink is compatible with Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google’s Home Assistant. It does require a subscription for the software, but compatibility and security updates are included in this subscription. The smart hub is compatible with many smart objects and appliances used in your home. Wink offers features such as controlling the lighting in your home with Smart Bulbs, controlling various appliances with smart plugs, and moderating the climate in your home with the Nest Thermostat. Nest has a feature that detects when you have left the house to be able to save both money and energy.

Smart Homes are Safer.

Smart devices are also highly recommended for home security. Nest offers a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor security cameras which are ideal for keeping an eye on your home when you are away. Your voice assistant can secure entry points of your home using smart locks. Which works for both doors and garages doors. For security reasons, Alexa can lock your doors, but cannot unlock them.

Wink offers smart features for safety and wellbeing of you and your family as well. Wink has smart device compatible smoke detectors and leak detection equipment.

Here at EZETECH we can equip your home with everything it needs to be a highly efficient smart home. Call us today for more information!

Call or stop by EZETech today to learn more about how we can turn your home into a smart-home while meeting your expectations and staying within your budget!

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