29 Jun 2020

4 Ways LastPass Can Make Your Life Easier

The Problem – Easy to Guess Passwords


Technology has evolved incredibly over the years, with that so has the threat to your data. It is no longer safe to use easy to guess passwords. A computer is able to ‘crack’ that easier than you would imagine. If you use the same password for multiple sites, once one is compromised, all are. The only safe passwords to use look something like this, “iH28$u2hFC%YO”, which are almost impossible to remember.


The Solution – Password Management


LastPass is a password manager that stores all of your passwords, for all of your websites, apps, and more in one secure location. LastPass offers auto-fill options for most platforms that will make logging in even faster and easier.  LastPass can offer a tremendous increase in security through robust password management. LastPass can generate long and secure passwords at the click of a button, and easily store your login credentials for ALL of your sites and accounts. All of this is kept secure and encrypted behind your single “Master Password.”


The Benefits


1. Security

Do you or anyone you know tend to use the same password for EVERYTHING? Hey, we’ve all done it at some point. But here’s where the issue lies… if a hacker can get into one account, they can now get into ALL of your accounts. So how do we fix it? Remembering every password for every account we have just creates a whole new issue, memory.

A password manager such as Last Pass can help simplify and secure you and your company’s data and access points. With a password manager, you and your employees can securely log in everywhere while only having to remember one password, also known as the master key.

2. An Efficient Mobile App

LastPass comes with a super convenient mobile app. Features such as auto-fill will now be available for all of your mobile applications while your business is on the move. Imagine being in the field and your laptop malfunctions and you are forced to move to mobile. Thanks to LastPass, you can remain operational on mobile with all of your passwords being immediately available. Last Pass also offers an authenticator app as well, which provides even more security through a two-step identification process. Now you can be secure on your mobile device too!

3. The Ability to Share With Your Team

LastPass‘ sharing function allows you to grant access to your employees to certain apps and websites without having to give them your actual password. This is very convenient for those times when you need someone to complete a task or look into something for you, but they don’t have privileged access. You don’t even have to be present for this to work. Through your Last Pass account either on a desktop or through the mobile app, you can simply share it to anyone in your company’s contacts.

4. Plug-in Support

Plugins are available for Last Pass on browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft’s new Edge. This Plug In is accessible once you log into Last Pass within that browser. Once the plug in is set up, you can set up things such as auto-fill to make log ins faster and more secure, allowing you to focus on what matters most… running your company.


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