25 Oct

The Importance of Cyber Security

Do you lock your house when you leave? Do you keep your valuables safe in a secure location? The answer is probably yes. We all know the importance of keeping our valuables safe, but what about our electronic data? Technology is a prevalent tool in our lives today. With just about everything being online, thieves have found new ways to steal our valuables. Whether they be important business documents or sensitive banking records, it is imperative that you and your team are well versed in Cyber Security.

What Is Cyber Security and Why is it Important?

Cyber Security is the process of protecting and recovering computer systems, networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks are a danger to your sensitive data. With the world reliant on technology, the need for advanced cyber security is even more important. As we continue into the new generation of technology, cyber threats will have an increasing more ways to access your data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Going into this new decade, rate of cyber crimes has risen substantially. Whether it be a large or small scale business, cyber criminals will look for opportunities to exploit data and money from these businesses. The average amount cost of a cyber attack last year has been estimated to be $11.7 million. This number has already increased by more than 20% this year from last year. It is estimated that this number will increase further. The increase in these cyber crimes makes cyber security more important.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks come in all shapes and sizes. From ransomware to phishing emails, cyber criminals are getting sneakier with their malevolent deeds. To better protect yourself from these attacks, it is important for you and your team to be aware of the types of common attacks.


Most have heard of the “Nigerian Prince” email scam before. This is an example of a Phishing email. However, Phishing emails are no longer as “see through.” Today these malicious emails are design to look like a real email from a reputable company. Often including names, logos, and wording, these emails include harmful links that give the cyber-criminal access to sensitive data like credit cards and social security. It is important to never open these emails or click on any links included.


Malware can appear in many forms. Most common are viruses, but they can include spyware and ransomware. These types of software often find their way into a network by clicking on a suspicious email or installing a risky application. Once the Malware is inside the network, the attackers have free rein over your data.

How We Help

While most Malware can be handled with an anti-virus, for most other cyber-attacks it would be best to have a team of specialist. The best insurance for your data is having a dedicated team to cyber security. A cyber security team can monitor your network and devices. This team can educate your team on safe IT practices. This is where we come in. At EZETech, we are a Managed IT Provider. We offer many IT services including Cyber Security and Cyber Security Training. Our dedicated team can provide the best security from cyber-threats. We treat your security as if it were our own. Our team strives to help you grow with your business, and to keep your data safe and secure.

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