11 Aug

Synology NAS

Why does your small business need a NAS

What is a NAS

And reasons why you should own one

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.

NAS is an intelligent storage device that connects to your home or office network.

You can store all of your files, as well as your family’s or coworker’s files, on the NAS.

You can gain access to all of these files by using a web browser or mobile apps over the internet.

NAS is a smart upgrade for small businesses.

Why Your Office Needs a NAS

Businesses are always increasing the amount of data that they need stored.

Small businesses need an affordable way to back-up data, share files, and be able to collaborate on one file at the same time. This is hard without a dedicated IT team.

NAS is the answer.


NAS Comparisons

Synology NAS

NAS Comparisons - Synology NAS

NAS is definitely a necessity for any small business. It is easy to use as well as cost-effective. NAS can simplify your work.

Public Cloud

NAS Comparisons - Public Cloud

Public cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive are great for collaboration. However, data control can be a concern and subscription costs tend to get costly.

Traditional Server

NAS Comparisons - Traditional Server

It’s easy to begin by using a traditional server to store files. However, collaboration can be difficult as well as issues regarding backup can present themselves.

What a Synology NAS Can Do For Your Business

Next-Gen File Server

  • Seamless file sharing
  • Easy collaboration to boost productivity
  • Centralized storage device

Centralized Backup

  • Advanced backup capability
  • Intuitive console without license fees
  • Secure backup for Office 365 and G Suite
  • Virtual machine backup

Service Continuity

  • High Availability (HA) solution ensures access at all times to data
  • Two Synology NAS can form a HA cluster

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