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As the president of Dentistry MSP I strive to provide my clients with a trusted solution provider in the IT management and HIPAA compliance industry. With over 15 years of experience in the industry I bring with me an abundance of technical skills in cyber security and IT management. As a former and current technician in the managed solution provider (MSP) industry I have built relationships and partnerships with some of the worlds leading technology providers and IT groups. These partners and groups are key to success in the cyber dense industry. You may have heard the phrase, “You are only as good as your tools”, this is a true statement. There are a lot of IT providers out there, not all are treated equally, some have good defensive tools that can identify, alert and remediate threats and some IT companies don’t even have a cyber defense tool to protect you properly from internet threats. In this incredibly dangerous digital world we live in I am proud to be a warrior of defense for any and all my clients. In my past, I have dealt with cyber attacks and ransomware threats from very deceiving and dangerous hackers. I personally know what to look for and I know how they act and think. Thankfully, as of today I am proud to say that we have always resulted with a positive resolution in each case and we have the client back up and running with minimal to no downtime. We at Dentistry MSP care about our clients business, data, workflow and financial succuss. I know every minute you are down means you aren’t making money. I personally will do my best to provide you with the appropriate solution that meets your budget and will help you grow without the need to worry about your IT and compliance requirements.

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