Computer Repair

Hardware services include any type of hardware related repair, purchase, or maintenance. Our team of specialists surround themselves daily with the high end equipment that help businesses and IT departments operate. They stay up to date with the latest and greatest tech developments and have years of experience with diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware related issues.

Bring in your computer to us for a FREE assessment. We will diagnose any pc issues or simply suggest cost-effective upgrades.

Our Hardware Services

Desktop Repairs

Having boot issues, viruses, and/or overall slow performance? Our technicians know all the tricks in the book to clean and optimize your machine to get it performing better than ever.

Laptop Repairs

Laptops today have become very light, thin, and delicate. Our experienced technicians can repair most laptop issues. If your laptop is running hot, making noises, or just won’t turn on, we can help to fix that.

Server Builds

We work with them daily and know what it takes to get them running efficiently. Servers can be costly and ever-changing, so our team is here to help ease your company’s server related woes. EZETech can build custom servers at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Workstations

Whether you need a custom-built office workstation or a great gaming rig, we provide amazing builds to your custom specifications.  We have experience with liquid and air-cooled systems, as well as miniature, tower, and rack mountable systems. We provide custom styles and hardware options. It is our passion to build the one-of-a-kind system you’ve always wanted.

Hardware & Peripherals

Do you miss the old retail stores that you could simply buy computer hardware from? We feel your pain. At EZETech, we provide any and all of the computer hardware or peripherals you need. Thanks to our well-established vendor relationships, we are able to offer competitive pricing and next day delivery. We are experienced in hardware upgrades and system expansions. You can trust our team to get your workstation and servers up to speed.

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