06 Apr

3 Benefits of Using 3CX VoIP Systems

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3CX gives its users the freedom to run their business while conveniently and effectively managing client calls and employee communication all while remaining consistently reachable. Web conferencing, call-forwarding time frames, adaptability across multiple devices and software systems, and an open platform that allows you to use 3CX in a way that benefits your business and it’s specific needs are just a few of the reasons 3CX has gained popularity worldwide. Not to mention that it’s incredibly affordable for even small businesses!

Why 3CX as a VoIP System

Simplicity With 3CX’s open platform you have free range to choose and control your own phone numbers, hardware, on-premise or cloud options, cloud providers, and SIP Trunk. 3CX is incredibly simple to deploy. It will run on the cloud, an existing server, Linux or Windows, and even comes with auto configuration of phones and SIP Trunks. 3CX is incredibly easy to manage with tested phone configurations and firmwares, bundled OS, and auto-deployed updates and upgrades.3CX does all the work for you, so you can focus on what truly matters… running your business. 

Savings: With 3CX, you can save up to 80% annually. They currently offer unlimited users and extensions for FREE! That means your entire office can have access for no additional cost. Employees at home or even on the road can call without any additional costs.3CX also eliminates the need for interoffice calls. Users of 3CX even get to pick their own SIP Trunk, which allows you and your company to leverage lower costs.

Reliability: 3CX offers a multitude of features that make it one of the most reliable VoIP Systems on the market. Some of these features include,

Mobility:  Apps are currently available for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, & Mac. 

True PBX & Advanced Customer Service Functions:

Call queues, IVR, advanced Call Reporting, integrations of CRM Apps, & website live chat.

Tried, Tested, and True: With over 250,000 installations, 10,000 partners, and global support at 10 offices 24/5, 3CX has developed a reputation with even major companies as someone to be trusted for any and every VoIP need

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