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Reasons to Choose Managed IT

In the workplace today, computers and technology are a commonplace. Having high end technology is great and can help increase efficiency and productivity. But at the same time, the downside to technology arises when it stops working properly causing your company to halt to a freeze. When the technology goes down so does productivity. Some companies have staff that can handle some of the issues, but why have them focus on fixing something that is not part of their job? That’s where Managed IT comes in.

What Is Managed IT?

Imagine having a problem that you could try to solve yourself but would take hours of your valuable time and may not be done correctly resulting in more issues. Normally in those cases you would result in hiring a professional to come solve your tech problems, paying emergency charges. This ultimately is unpredictable expense and can hurt your overall business. There is a solution. Managed IT. With a Managed IT Partner, you can trust that the people doing the work are experts in that field. Providing you the best-in-class service with best security and implementation processes. Additionally, documentation is a standard practice for Managed IT companies. This protects you from forgetting credentials or losing access to your own equipment.

Main Reason to Managed IT

Most large companies have a dedicated IT department that maintain and fix problems that arise within the company. This is good, but not great. In many cases on site staff are overwhelmed and usually fail to do training on new security threats and new technology solutions. Smaller business on the other hand sometimes can’t afford the payroll budget or office space to properly house IT staff. These companies typically rely on the unknown internet solutions and/or their own employees to fix IT issues. Here is how Managed IT can benefit everybody.


Usually, to have an effective IT department you need to hire a few staff members to properly diversify skill sets. Depending on your company’s operations will depend on the number of employees, but generally you are going to need an IT Manager, a security analyst, and a few system administrators. For a conventional IT department, you would need to have space in the office and a substantial payroll budget. You would also need to spend time looking for candidates and time training. A Managed IT Partner would take away the need for a dedicated payroll with benefits and replace it with a predictable monthly service fee. The Managed IT Partner is responsible in its staff education and training to stay up to date with technology, security threats and industry knowledge.


The FBI revealed that 95 percent of all security incidents are a result of human error. A Managed IT Partner will setup around the clock tracking and monitoring on any company device. This is to catch any human errors and prevent inviting strangers into your system. Having a Managed IT Partner can also assure that your systems are safe and secure from any outside threat. In the event of an attack, the last thing that you’d want is to lose access to your data. Aside from Asset Inventory having a SIEM and a SOC to track, monitor and alert on security flaws is key to protecting your assets and corporate data.

Choosing the Right IT Partner

When looking for an IT Partner for your business, be sure to ask how they plan to improve your success. A good IT Partner should help to increase the productivity and security of your company. Here at EZETech we offer a variety of different IT solutions that meet all business sizes. We offer everything from Computer Repair to more advanced Cyber Security services, like: SOC, NOC and SIEM. Our team knows that conventional IT solutions can be costly, that’s why we offer an affordable and predictable solution and are always willing to work around your budget. We strive to help you grow with your business, by offering the best in class plans and services to meet your needs while protecting you from the ever-growing dangers of the internet.

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