29 Mar

What Is Smishing?

Technology has advanced to the point that just about everyone has a computer in their pocket. Cell phones are great and able you to do many things on the go beside just communication. However, many people don’t realize that the computer in their pocket is at risks to cyber-attacks just as much as the computer at home. That threat is called smishing. Here is what smishing is and how to defend against it.

What is Smishing?

Smishing in a nutshell is the mobile version phishing. Phishing is typically a legitimate looking scam email, disguised to look like a real company to steal your data. A popular example of this is an email made to look like your bank asking you to sign in or asking for account information. Smishing is exactly like, but instead of email its text messages. These scam messages can also appear in other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. These messages, like phishing emails, often appear as a company offering a special deal with a link attached.

What are the attackers after?

Like with phishing emails, the attackers are after your personal information. They are interested in the information that would be able for them to steal money, usually yours or your company’s. They might accomplish this one of two ways. First, they might attach a link in the message that would start downloading malware. This malware might disguise itself as a regular function or app, tricking you to input your sensitive information. Secondly, the link may take you to a site asking you to input personal information. With this information, the cybercriminals can steal your online identity and or even your money too.

How to protect yourself

Thankfully it is simple to protect yourself. All you must do is to not fall for the bait. There are a few things to keep in mind to help you not take the bait. First, no bank or merchant will send you a text asking to update your information or confirm your card information. If you have doubts, call your bank. Secondly, never click on a link or reply message that is included in a text message you are unsure of. Thirdly, look for suspicious numbers that don’t look like normal phone numbers. Lastly, just don’t respond to the message.


Even though your phone may now be at risk of being attacked, smishing is simple to prevent. You just need to remember the four main thinks to look out for in an unrecognized text message. At EZETech, we set up policies to reduce and minimize the chances and damages of smishing attacks. Our team is trained to prevent cyberattacks of all types. We strive to keep you and your company safe and secure by using the latest technology and providing security awareness training.


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